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KDE's Sustainable Software Goal

Software has a direct affect on energy and resource consumption. Since 2022, KDE has the goal of providing software which does this in a way that reduces software's environmental impact for us and future generations.

FOSS Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP)

How can you measure software's energy consumption? And does it make a difference? We are working to make free software more sustainable.

KDE Eco - Building Energy-Efficient Free Software

Software has a direct affect on energy and resource consumption. KDE has the goal of providing software which does this in a way that reduces software's environmental impact.

Let’s make energy efficient software and digital sustainability part of our community. We can live up to our responsibility for this and future generations!

Příručka ke KDE Eco

The handbook "Applying The Blue Angel Criteria To Free Software" gives an overview of the environmental harm driven by software and how the Blue Angel ecolabel — the official environmental label of the German government — provides a benchmark for sustainable software design. Learn how Free Software's values of transparency and user autonomy foster sustainability, as well as how to set up a dedicated lab to measure your software's energy consumption!   Více informací

Plots of real time measurements using KDE's LabPlot.
Okular Awarded Blue Angel Ecolabel

Okular Awarded Blue Angel Ecolabel

In 2022, KDE's popular multi-platform PDF reader and universal document viewer Okular became the first ever eco-certified computer program!   Více informací

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Join us in the sustainable software development movement!

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Úterý, 13 Červen 2023

KEcoLab: Remote Energy Measurement Lab

In this post I start my journey in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with KDE Eco by describing progress made on the exciting project of making remote access to the Energy Measurement Lab a reality. Více informací
Středa, 10 květen 2023

What is Sustainable Software, After All?

"Sustainable Software" is a strategic goal for KDE, focusing on minimizing resource consumption and strengthening user autonomy. The aim is to create software that uses fewer natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and promotes user choice and privacy. Více informací
Čtvrtek, 4 květen 2023

SoK 2023 Selenium-AT-SPI KDE Eco Power Measurement Proof Of Concept: Achieving Three KDE Goals With One Stone!

How Nitin Tejuja's work for Season of KDE (SoK) will help KDE towards its goals. Více informací
Středa, 26 Duben 2023

Report From The German Parliament's "Sustainable by Design" Conference

In this post I report back from the German Parliament's "Nachhaltig by Design" conference, which took place in March 2023. I realize we still have a lot to figure out to ensure we minimize the impact of software on the destruction of our planet. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see the topic of green digitisation and sustainable software receiving more attention. Více informací
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FOSS Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP)

Image of globe with computer mouse
Image of globe with computer mouse

FEEP is developing tools to improve energy efficiency in Free & Open Source Software development. Design and implementation of software has a significant impact on the energy consumption of the systems it is part of. With the right tools, it is possible to quantify and drive down energy consumption. This increased efficiency contributes to a more sustainable use of energy as one of the shared resources of our planet.